Convert MySQL Dump to Routines Files [PHP script]

Perhaps you are like me and… well… didn’t get righteous about backuping up your MySQL routines to an SCM until your first database scare?

If you did, you’d wish you could just take that database export script from PHPMyAdmin and parse / convert it to a bunch of tidy little Procedure, Function, and Trigger files. Why, that would be nice!

The following PHP script (PHP 5+) will do the following:

  • Breakout procedure/function/trigger as [type\_name]/[routine\_name].sql files
  • Strip off those pesky DEFINER statements that cause nothing but trouble
  • Add DROP`X`IF EXISTS before CREATE statements, for easier editing

Note: script will create procedures/, functions/, and triggers/ directories where you specify.

See: Config options at the top of the file.


 * @author Lust
 * @copyright 2010,
 * Take a MySQL dump file and
 * (1) If not already in file, adds -> DROP (PROCEDURE|TRIGGER|FUNCTION) IF EXISTS `(NAME)`
 * (2) Remove DEFINER statements
 * (3) Save by name and place in directory named (PROCEDURE|TRIGGER|FUNCTION)

// file name (input)
$sql_dump_filename = "c:\\sql\\sql_dump.sql";
// output directory
$sql_script_output_dir = "c:\\sql"; // NOTE "\\" is escape for "\"

// Read in file
echo "Reading input file...";
$sql_dump = file_get_contents($sql_dump_filename);
if(!$sql_dump || strlen($sql_dump)==0)  {
 die("Cannot open file: $sql_dump_filename\n");
echo "done\n";

// Create needed directories if they don't exist
echo "Making output directories...";
$dir_names = array('procedures','triggers','functions');
foreach( $dir_names AS $name) {
 $name = $sql_script_output_dir.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$name;
 if(!is_dir($name))   {
echo "done\n";

// replace various junk
echo "Replacing junk...";
$find = array('/\$\$/',
'/(\s+|-+)\s\s(CREATE (PROCEDURE|FUNCTION|TRIGGER) (`[^`]*`))/sim');
$replace = array('//',
"\r\rDROP \\3 IF EXISTS \\4//\r\\2");
$sql_dump = preg_replace($find,$replace,$sql_dump);
echo "done\n";

// break out individual routines and save to files/dirs
$matches = array();
preg_match_all('%(?P<sql>DROP\s(?P<type>[a-z]*) IF EXISTS `(?P<name>[^`]*)`//.*?END//)%sim',$sql_dump,$matches);
echo "Saving scripts out...";
foreach($matches['name'] AS $n=>$name)  {
 $filename_out = strtolower($matches['type'][$n].'s'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$name.'.sql');
 echo "$filename_out\n";
 file_put_contents( $sql_script_output_dir.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$filename_out,$matches['sql'][$n]);
echo "$n saved...done\n";