(Really) Free Zipcode Database Download

It just drives me nuts that the web is full of zipcode database downloads that are not free! It is not like the resellers did anything special to compile this information. The USPS publishes it for a fee, and then they charge you a fee for publicly available information. Just not cool. So, I’ve written some scripts to gather all known zip codes (from 00000 – 99999) and placed them below in several common formats. Enjoy, and let information like this be free!

There are 41,815 geocoded zipcodes in all. Note presently the US has 41,950, but that includes APO zips, which are not included here.

Excel Format [1.98MB]
CSV Format [757KB]
MySQL Database [769KB]

Each zipcode is provided with it’s state, city, latitude, and longitude.

4 Responses to “(Really) Free Zipcode Database Download”

  • Paul Says:

    The problem is if it is up to date since the suckers change all the time.

  • admin Says:

    Good point. This list is up to date as of when it was posted the other month. I found that only 72 zips changed over the last 4 years , so while they change, only about 0.04% change on a given year, hence this set should remain relevant for at least the next year.

  • Larry Levenson Says:

    Thanks for compiling this, Joseph, and then making it widely available! Just saved me many hours of work.

  • Joe Says:

    That’s the point. They are free and out there, but folks would rather you pay for it. :)

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