Password Hasher : Every Hash Under the Sun

Big helping of hash

I got tired of having to find a place to run all my hashes frequently for random projects, so I through this together in a few lines. I hope it helps folks.

The following hashes are provided: md2, md4, md5, sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512, ripemd128, ripemd160, ripemd256, ripemd320, whirlpool, tiger128,3, tiger160,3, tiger192,3, tiger128,4, tiger160,4, tiger192,4, snefru, snefru256, gost, adler32, crc32, crc32b, salsa10, salsa20, haval128,3, haval160,3, haval192,3, haval224,3, haval256,3, haval128,4, haval160,4, haval192,4, haval224,4, haval256,4, haval128,5, haval160,5, haval192,5, haval224,5, haval256,5.

Hash this:

The Script

For reference, this is the ugly piece of PHP that makes the magic happen.

$str = urldecode( $_REQUEST['str'] );

foreach( hash_algos() as $n=>$hash ) {
    $hashName = strtoupper($hash);
    $theHash = ($str) ? hash($hash,$str) : "";
    $oddEven = ($n%2) ? 'odd':'even';
    echo "<tr class='$oddEven'><td><label 
class='hashLabel'>$hashName:</label><input type='text' 
style='width:500px;' value='$theHash' /></td></tr>";